VVI Journal

Journal of Heating, ventilation, sanitation

ATTENTION to the fake webpages of the VVI Journal: https://vvijournal.com/

The only valid domain of the VVI Journal is: https://www.stpcr.cz/en/vvi-journal

The only legal way to submit an article to the VVI Journal is to send the manuscript to the following e-mail address: Vladimir.Zmrhal@fs.cvut.cz

Since 2014 the VVI journal is included into the SCOPUS database

VVI Journal is a national technical journal published by Society of Environmental Engineering (STP) which gathers together about 1,400 members. The Society of Environmental Engineering  is a member of the Czech Association of Scientific Societies (ČSVTS), a member of the European Association REHVA and an associate member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditionings Engineers). The journal is oriented to professionals dealing with Environmental Engineering. It provides information for designers, investors, producers, assembly and installation engineersmanufacturers, process technicians, workers, professional in schools and universities, and government authorities. It is also targered for those who want to be informed about the possibilities, methods and ways to improve indoor air quality.

VVI Journal brings information:

  • about the latest trends in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, hygiene, sanitary installations, measurement and control, lighting, noise, air quality, energy conservation, traditional and alternative energy sources at home and abroad;
  • about new products, techniques and domestic or foreign technology for accurate and efficient operation of buildings with examples of practical use;
  • about testing and measures improving quality of domestic production and enhancing sales of domestic products at foreign markets;
  • about theoretical works dealing with new knowledge characteristics of new products, new computational methods and application of computer technology in the field of environmental engineering;
  • about interesting issues regarding environmental engineering;
  • about news in legal enactments and technical standards;
  • about inovation in building design from the environmental engineering point of view including interesting technical solutions providing a wide range of inspirations for designers;
  • in newsletter annex where are published upcoming activities of the Society for Environmental Engineering: seminars, conferences, workshops, training, corporate events, offers of publications, activities of expert agenciesexhibitions etc.

General information

ISSN 1210-1389
Frequency of publishing: 5 issues per year
Format: A4, printed
Pages: 48 or 64
Review process: Open peer review of articles


Articles are published in Czech or Slovak language, with abstracts and keywords both in Czech and English language. Only the Special issue (one per year) of the Journal is published in English.