Society of Environmental Engineering with headquarters in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is a non-governmental organization for the advancement of science and technology. It is also one of the founding members of the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies and member of the Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations REHVA.

The Society was founded in 1990 and, thanks to its high level and forms of operation, it takes up the forty-year tradition of similar scientific societies formed around the specialist faculties of the technical universities and research institutes in the then Czechoslovakia of the beginning of the fifties.

Society of Environmental Engineering thus continues in concentrating the most outstanding professionals in its ranks, the bearers of tradition but also of progress in practically all technological branches engaged in generation of microclimate in all kinds of objects. Branches of air treatment within all its width, heating, lighting, noise prevention, drying, public health sanitary installations, evaluation of environment microclimate parameters and, in a wider context, protection against atmospheric pollution as well as methodology and practice in operation of technological equipment of buildings are involved.

VVI journal

Current Issue 2/2022


Temperature Exponent of Radiators, Effect of Thermal Insulation of the Isostatic Liner on Condensation of Water Vapor Contained in Flue Gas, Heat Loss by Heat Transfer through Structures Adjacent to Soil, Heat Loss by Ventilation According to EN 12831-1, Changes in Classification of High Efficiency Atmospheric Air Filters...

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